Beer Bellies 1: Crafty Squire

Melbourne’s Pubs are not to be missed whether you love beer or not. If you are travelling with kids, you could still pop into a pub, just check at the door if there is a restaurant and sit there. It’s probably more quiet anyway and best of all, it offers a chance to check out the menu which can offer some wonderful surprises.

The Crafty Squire

At Russell Street in Melbourne’s CBD area (near by is Exhibtion st, Collins st, Stamford hotel, Citadines) is the Crafty Squire, a pub with a range of its own craft beer, plus very decent meals.

 Not too crowded, the pub area is large for the drinking community and parties. Head upstairs for the beer and meals.

  The food menu isn’t huge which is good in a way, as the chef gets to concentrate on his craft.

There’s Angus beef burger and chicken and crocodile meat burger, as well as steak for the meat lovers. The fish and chips (flathead) is decent with very nice chips.

the not-so-humble Fish & Chips at Melbourne’s Crafty Squire with a tall blonde (beer). photo: company3.2

Pay attention to the day’s special. On our visit there was Barramundi with barley risotto and creme fraiche. Simple but tasty  modern Australian.

Barramundi with Barley Risotto (the green stuff) and creme fraiche at the Crafty Squire . photo: company3.2

Another special was the pork on a bed of potatoes and caramelised onions. It was cooked just right so the meat wasn’t tough or dry, and with the right touch of seasoning.

Pork chop elevated to divine, on a bed of smashed potatoes & carmalised onions at the Crafty Squire.    photo: company3.2

A serving of calamari to start the meal was also a pleasant surprise as it was fresh and soft. No springy jaw exercisers!

The meal went well with the beer, some of which can be found in stores that offer craft beer. But there is nothing better than getting it freshly pulled from the tap, and presumably the ‘works’ on display downstairs! Order the beer at the bar that will offer small tasting portions if you’re unsure of what to drink.

We had Porter, which is dark and heavy, but very drinkable. There was also a glass of Cider which is NOT sparkling apple juice as it packs a sizeable amount of alcohol. The Constable, is an English Pale Ale that is light, not too bubbly and with a lovely bouquet, while the Swindler, classed as a Summer Ale, was just as tasty.

Order small if you want to guzzle more and walk home straight. And remember to limit it to one glass if you plan to drive.

Dessert is also worth a mention AND making room for.

Crafty Squire’s Berrimisu, a very tasty take on Tiramisu. photo: company3.2

We could not pass on the Beerimisu, the pub’s take of Tiramisu. It was very creamy, couldn’t find the beer, but who cared!


Belgian Waffle at the Crafty Squire. photo: company3.2

The Belgian Waffle with house-made ice cream and crunchy malt balls, were excellent. It didn’t last long after the picture was taken.



127 Russell Street
Melbourne Victoria, 3000
Open 7 Days

(03) 9810 0064