Bubblelicious Time-keepers

Bubble Up This Spring

Fun. Bold. A visual feast. The fashion houses have dictated the look for spring, now it’s time to invest in something to complement the look for the season, and after.

The Bubble Corum 2016 features a 18.8mm case dominated by an 8mm domed crystal

As eye-catching as the palette seen on the fashion runways, and as bold as mixing ruffled lace with leather, is the Bubble collection by luxury Swiss watch-maker Corum.
First introduced in 2000, the oversized watch with an even larger crystal became the must-have timepiece among brave watch-lovers, for its breakaway from the conventional. Exactly 15 years later, the Bubble with its large sapphire crystal, which incidentally is one of the largest found any watch, is back bigger, better and definitely bolder.

The Corum Bubble Drop, Bubble Sphere and Bubble Paiste for 2016

Bigger Bubbles

The Corum Bubble 2016 Sphere2 gives the impression of movement and depth by playing with static lines by adapting Op Art

The 2016 Bubble will be a conversation piece. For starters, it is 47mm wide. It will sit snug on the wrist despite the watch case that’s 18.8mm high (think a pair of iPhone 6 stacked on top of each other) and mostly dominated by the 8mm domed crystal that’s been created by grinding down one piece of crystal before being polished.
Corum’s Bubble Watch and the Op Art movement of optical illusion seem to have been made for each other, with a partnership with industrial designer Nicolas Le Moigne taking things further.

Optical Art

The watch with the domed sapphire crystal face that acts like a lens both magnifying and distorting the dial, gives the illusion of a sphere within a sphere in Corum’s Bubble Sphere2. The blue arching lines seem to rise from the watch, and will appeal to those wanting a standout timepiece.

More subdued and almost Zen-like is the Bubble Drop. This has the crystal creating the impression of a liquid face that has radiating ripples, like a drop that’s fallen on water. The Bubble Drop that plays with shadows to give the illusion of deep grooves and movement is as fascinating as it is beautiful.

The Corum Bubble Drop only in brown adapts Op Art to give the impression of ripples like a drop on water by playing with shadows and lines

The Bubble Drop comes in a conservative chocolate shade while the Sphere2 is finished in blue, with matching buckle on rubber straps topped with leather. A limited edition, these luxury timepieces are just the right touch of quirky in the every day for the watch-lover.

Rock On

The other Corum Bubble for 2016 appeals to the person who appreciates orchestral overtures but is also the quiet rocker. Yes, such an oxymoron does exit, just check what the grey-haired professor wearing the headphones has on his playlist, is it AC/DC?

With a DNA of careful craftsmanship, creativity and Swiss roots, it only seemed natural for Paiste, which makes quality music cymbals, to come to the table with Corum. It may seem an unusual union, but the resulting Bubble Corum Paiste comes across like great music.

The 2016 Corum Bubble Paiste encases a miniature hand-crafted cymbal by Swiss cymbal maker Paiste

Swiss harmony comes to mind when gazing on the detailing of the brassy finish on the dial that’s an exact miniature version of a cymbal. And just like Paiste cymbals, every dial is finished by hand, making every watch unique.  With the signature domed crystal on a case that sits on a matte black calf leather strap, this Corum watch screams elegance and attitude.

The Corum Bubble Paiste is again, limited to only 350 pieces. Paiste fans such as AC/DC’s Phil Rudd, Don Henley of the Eagles and Van Halen’s Alex Van Halen would approve.

the original is here: http://www1.channelnewsasia.com/premier/2016/01/22/bubble-up-this-spring/