Busaba Thai in KL

Busaba Thai Is Like Dining At Home

The name is floral and it is a popular feminine name in Thai, just 6-characters long that’s easy to remember – Busaba. Not to be mistaken for the mod-Thai outlets across London, Busaba Thai located in Kuala Lumpur gives off a modern vibe yet feels very much like stepping into a friend’s home for a meal. Part of the Absolute Thai restaurant chain with outlets across Kuala Lumpur and one at Singapore’s Marina Bay Link, Busaba Thai stands out by being a little different from the others in terms of menu and décor. horse
You can’t miss the restaurant that’s to the left of the main entrance to the Sunway Resort and Spa – just look out for the pair of larger-than-life sculptures that greet you, if the staff dressed in Thai outfits don’t do it first!

Happy Chic 
The place is definitely cosy but with not a hint of Laura Ashley. This is more like an upmarket apartment that’s been worked on by a decorator who pays close attention to the details. chandelier
The look is mod elegance with a grand piano off on one side and crepe-dressed chandeliers dripping overhead. It’s not over the top neo-Goth as bright flowers add a splash that makes the space comfortable.

If you have a large group, call ahead and get one of the garden corners. It is a lovely indoor-outdoor space that resembles a sunroom with plant covered walls creating the green outlook. sun room

The two-level eatery has more party space on the upper level that resembles a living room, with colourful cushion strewn around, while posters and book-lined shelves complete the look. All around, both upstairs and down, there are fresh cut flowers in jars, pots and unusual vases. It’s hard not to feel happy at this restaurant.

Fair Fare
As you would when at home or a friend’s house, sink into one of the chic yet comfortable mini-sofas. Once happily settled in, flip through the menu that offers standard Thai such as Kaeng Khiao Wan (green curry), Hor Mok Pla (steamed fish custard in banana leaf cups), Tom Yum (spicy, sour soup) and Pad Thai (fried flat noodles).

At the same time, there are less pedestrian items that are worth a try, such as the appetisers that are eye-pleasing as well as palate pleasing, such as Kra Thong Thong (minced chicken and vegetables in crispy golden cups).golden-cups

Another interesting item to try would be Meng Kam, a traditional Thai appetizer of betel leaves that’s served with various condiments such as dried shrimps, roasted coconut flakes and roasted peanuts – wrap them up into a small green parcel and pop into the mouth for a taste sensation. This is one of the hidden surprises at Busaba Thai as this is a dish that’s not commonly found on restaurant menus. And those that do, often compromise with lettuce leaves in place of the peppery betel nut leaf.

The serving are generous, with a plate of sizzling prawns with creamy butter sauce arriving with a half dozen plump king prawns. The taste test involved the usual Thai restaurant orders. The green curry (chicken) delivered its coconut cream richness with just a hint of spice.

Instead of rice, Pad Thai was chosen as the staple. The noodle dish, which was used to raise nationalism in Thailand and named a national dish after World War II, is commonly found both in restaurants and on side-streets from Bangkok to Phuket and Chiangmai.

At Busaba Thai, the Pad Thai unfortunately draws borderline results. Although generously crowned with a king prawn and served in an omelette, the flat rice noodles were a little stodgy and needed more depth to raise the sweet-sour notes of the Pad Thai.

The drinks menu offers unusual concoctions that are worth trying out, if only to discover what’s behind names such as Coconut On The Beach. The Butterfly Pea Honey drink is a liquid representation of the edible flower favoured by cooks for its blue dye but is worth more as an Instagram item.lunch

Service and decor more than makes up for some of the less than spectacular items. This is not the place for a taste of home-cooked Thai. The winners are the appetizers and seafood that’s fresh.

Overall, Busaba Thai is worth stopping by for a meal if you’re hankering for Thai as the prices are reasonable, the selection includes the less than ordinary and on a taste scale of 1-10, it does garner a worthy 7.

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