Kyoto Beer Research

While in Kyoto in March 2016, we chanced upon some special beer in a local beer outlet in the district of Fushimi that’s more known for its sake production. It was called Kyoto Beer – – no points for artistic writing – – and was the result of result carried out at the local university (must’ve had some very happy team members!).

Surprisingly, two of the three that they had produced turned out to be rather good.

The Pale Ale in the green can is made with sake yeast. The taste is light and it’s not too bubbly. Very toasty but not full-flavored and extremely easy to drink. There’s a very slight bouquet in this overall very pleasant beer that is worth a swig if you come across it.

The Blonde Ale in the brown can is more bubbly. It has much more body too and verges on the strong in terms of taste. There is also a Blue can but I can’t recall the brew – which can’t be a good thing.

I am not sure if they can be bought outside of Kyoto but that’s a good excuse to visit the beautiful Japanese city and make a stop in Fushimi which is a lovely, little town.