Everyday ANGeLs

angelsartWatching Supernatural reminds that there are angels in our midst but some of them can be evil.

Not sure of the latter, but then again, there was Lucifer. Hmmmm…

But I prefer to think of angels in the usual way, that they do good. And some are very human.

ANGeLs (Asean’s Next Generation Leaders) has so uplifting as it has shown the better side of people – from the main profiles all around ASEAN (Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) to their family, friends and people working with them. And not to forget the production team as well.

Most enjoyable is the challenge to tell the story in 2 minutes! It is stressful, tiring and sometimes annoying (when Premier Pro CC acts up). But it is also so rewarding. It has taught me so much, not just technically, but also of myself (dogged, meticulous, fussy over shots !)

By far, this is my favourite half-hour episode. The Malaysian ANGeL story (always important) and the visuals (the most important vehicle to tell the story) were great.

Cherrie of the Philippines who works with rice farmers who are really the salt of the earth is another great tale.

Thailand’s Dr Kongkiat is SO selfless and inspirational.

If there’s anyone I’d like to be, it would be him! He spent his time and money to get software developed so hospitals can be better run and then made it FREE for all to use. Then he went into developing rice that can battle diabetes, while also helping the farming industry!


Another selfless and inspiring human being has to be Eve Saosarin or Sarin.

He is a Cambodian war refugee who started by saving five homeless children and is now saving hundreds of street children, with his free school named after the tree he found the first homeless children.

TOH of Laos, who uses puppets and performance to teach rural folk and kids on social and health issues since not everyone has a mobile or a computer is rather special. I found his story and insisted that a team do a feature of him!

Myanmar appeals to the geek in me, although tech was not raised fully in the episoe.

The village woman decided that other village women should stand up and be heard. But since mobile phones are popular in Myanmar, she uses an app called iWoman, developed by a group of female developers called Geek Girls, to reach out to more women.  Now that’s a Powderpuff Girl! Or maybe Wonder Woman.

The full episode is also quite worth watching, with great visuals and characters – my favourite is the seamstress! You can watch the ANGeLS Myanmar episode here.

I am super excited (and worried) on the finale which ends with a real-life princess who is not airy-fairy, not necessarily angelic (especially when you hear her guffaw)  but a real down-to-earth angel.