Herb Planting Secrets

Number one secret: my plants quite often die from too much/too little water, brutal pruning, over/under nourishment and yayy – not my fault – bugs!

2: Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano, which were dubbed Mediterranean herbs, grow in Asia well because of the warm climate, sunny days and breezes. The important element is the soil. Make sure the mix includes sand, to make it well drained. When shopping for soil, try getting soil for Cactus! What a great tip!


3: It is easy to grow vegetables such as Spinach, Water Convoluvus (Kang Kong or Morning Glory) and Kai Lan, just drill some holes in shallow plastic boxes  (like the ones used for bread deliveries) or styrofoam boxes, make sure they are in a bright, sunny spot (at least 5 hours) and use normal planting soil. And water regularly.

4: When buying soil include a bag of compost. Mix the soil with compost before filling into pot or container with herb/vegetable.

5: It is much easier to buy readily grown herbs from a nursery rather than grow from seeds. But when you take it home, give it some time and then re-pot the plant. If the roots are tangled, be patient and slowly stroke the roots to separate them. If all else fails, dip in some water to wash away the soil to make it easier to separate the roots.

6: Folks at Singapore’s AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore)  don’t just check on stray dogs and cats – they also look at our food development and a chat with some lovely people from AVA had me much wiser on growing herbs and vegetables. They made it seem SO easy.

They even had a fantastic but simply idea for a vertical wall garden – an old shoe bag filled with bags of soil and veg. How nifty.